Free Download HDD Regenerator 1.71 Full Version | Mediafire

HDD regenerator is a program designed for curing bad sectors from your hard drive and make it bad sector free.HDD regenerator is a unique software program which is made for regeneration of hard disk drives and space.
This system intelliegently and phycially removes dangerous sectors and flaws  from your hard drive's surface.It dosen't conceals unhealthy sectors and flaws but in actual it restores them in a good manner.
As hard disk is the integra part of every computer so you are always in need of a software which cures and checks you hard disk for hidden bad sectors and flaws.When a hard power in broken with unhealty sectors, no doubt your disk will be deserving not to be used then and you may also lose your stored info on that disk.
So HDD regenerator repairs broken and onerous disks without effection or altering your  current available data.
As far as the supported file system are concerned software works totally physically so this software will work for you on any file system FAT,NTFS  or any other file system.

Double click the HDD regenerator icon from you desktop  or select the HDD regeneration run icon from your start menu and run the software.
To begin the regenerating process  begin the HDD regenerator console application you can run the console option immediately from your home windows.The regeneration start process below home windows menu.Or create a bootable regenerating flash menu or create a bootable CD/DVD ( the regeneration create CD/DVD  menu.After the flash or cd is created boot your computer from cd/flash and the console software will begin then automatically under DOS.